Modern Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a modern tooth replacement treatment that has been shown a lot of attention from dental experts and surgeons over the last few decades. The surgery is effective because it goes above and be young similar treatments such as dentures and dental bridges.

Implants are made up of a titanium screw that is inserted directly into the jaw bone. Titanium is used because it has been found to be highly accepted by human bone and is a strong but malleable material. On top of this is the abutment which holds the porcelain crown that acts as the tooth. Porcelain is used because it acts very similarly to natural teeth. If you clean it well then it will remain healthy.

What’s good about implants is that they are measured to each individual’s mouth. Each patient is different and will have their implant made to fit their mouth. The titanium screw and the crown will all fit the space in which the replaced tooth once stood. It won’t take up any more space below the surface or above.

Another strength is that implants are self-supporting. This means that they don’t require support from surrounding teeth unlike dental bridges or dentures. This is good because it won’t result in the wearing or loss of these surrounding teeth which is a common problem faced by dental bridge users.

Also, implants have shown to cause the least amount of disease and infection within the mouth. As they don’t move around they don’t cause rubbing on the gums which can lead to gum disease. Dentures are known to move about in the mouth which can leave it infections. This again takes implants to the next level and you are given full support and can have confidence in your new teeth. With dentures and bridges which are prone to movement, you think twice before eating, talking or even smiling but with implants you can be filled with confidence that your teeth are there to stay and are strong.

Dental implants are better value for money as they only take one procedure and then you are fixed for the rest of your life. Dentures or drudges will only last 7years maximum before needed replacement which means you’ll never be hassle free when it comes to your teeth. Implants take 3-4 trips to the dentist or surgeon over a 3-4 month period, including healing time. After this you are as good as new and will be able to go on living your life without ever thinking about your teeth again. No matter how well you look after dentures they will need replacing.

Implants are a surgery that is appealing to all audiences who require tooth replacement. The treatment is fit for all ages. The oldest person to have undergone the procedure was 91 and the youngest was 14. If you’re looking for the most effective solution to your lost teeth I highly recommend implants as your solution.

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